Marco and Bruno Finn were born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains. The Finn's are all creative, four brothers two sisters and parents who home schooled all of their children at their remote homesteaded log farmhouse and studio barns, outbuildings, ice pond and swimming hole, pumpkin patch and a sweet water well.

They were surrounded with books and prints of artwork and reproductions of masterpieces from around the world, and broad based reference books on every subject imaginable, with pictures.

From a somewhat isolated environment the Finns became masters at representation of the entire world of their informed imaginations. Their keen sense of observation, and skillful draftsmanship was a testament to both their native talent and diligent practice. All of them kept journals, constantly drawing their surroundings, each other and from their imaginations.

From this idyllic refuge Marco and Bruno Finn moved to New York City to seek their future starting at art school. They were in their late teens and at first they were totally bowled over by the intensity of living and working in Brooklyn and Manhattan.





Detail: Capricorn


Marco and Bruno Finn have worked together on many projects. Exactly how their collaboration is realized remains a bit of a mystery. Bruno seldom signs any of the work and considers Marco the primary artist.

Bruno is currently on retreat at a Monastery in Aix-en-Prodvence. He is working on a new portfolio based on mystical practices and visions in cloisterd gardens and vineyards in Southern France.




Marco and Bruno both found success in New York City. Bruno, However, is always prone to suddenly leave for Europe and North Africa to divide his time between a monastery in the South of France and teaching color theory at a small art school in Tangiers.

For Marco New York City was home. For a long time he was a fixture in the lofts and coffee houses on New York's Lower East Side, and in the East and West Village, meeting and greeting the "Who's Who" of "creatives" walking on the streets of his neighborhood at the time. a nd Bruno